Graduate Students

Dr. Montag and Dr. Willits are not recruiting graduate students for Fall 2021.


Dr. Willits may be recruiting a post-doc to begin Fall 2021. The research focus for this position will be computational modeling of learning and language. The ideal candidate will have previous experience in computational modeling, natural language processing, and programming in Python. Interested candidates should email Dr. Willits.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We are looking for motivated undergraduate students to assist with data collection and analysis in our lab. Students will gain valuable research and statistical skills, and may have the opportunity to complete their own project. Students typically work about 10-15 hours per week and in special circumstances, funding may be available for paying student research assistants. We typically recruit undergraduate research assistants at the beginning of each semester. For additional information, please email Dr. Montag or Dr. Willits the week before a new semester begins or during the first week of a new semester.